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                          SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS


Extensive experience in the electronics industry with progressively Responsible positions with major international companies in digital and VLSI  Technologies with special emphasis in:


Corporate/executive management

Strategic planning and visioning

Embedded Applications

Engineering/Project management           

Extensive marketing and sales experience in a corporate environment

MCU/Processors  ( 8 bit – 32 bit) and their applications

Memories and memory subsystems design/architecture

Microcontroller and Microprocessor applications

             Silicon solutions in a system's environment

Mainframe/Mini and personal computers design/architecture




President, BND Holdings Corp. $1.2M in Gross revenue concrete coatings residential and commercial.


Corporate management for RF Products with 4 direct and 3 indirect reports.  5 product released and 2 in development.


Responsible for product support, new product definition and coordination for microcontrollers and ASSP products with 4 direct and 25 indirect reports.  Multiple product lines developed and supported.


Responsible for all training, component and systems support for Intel products for the SW and coordination of account and market penetration.


Coordinated technical support for the southwest for Fairchild and National

Semiconductor, with emphasis on ASIC, PLD, Memory, and VLSI solutions.


Developed a 16 MHz Driver/Sensor module for real time digital data acquisition. Directed two people in support of development effort.


Member of development team for MC‑30 Super mini. Designed 256 KB OS Kernel ROM memory board for O.S. utilities. Authored functional specifications for processor and memory controller.


Member of development team for 8/70 and 8/70M processors. Directed manufacturing support, debug, and test of pilot and prototype systems.  Supported customer on‑site installation in Cardiff, Wales, U.K.


Designed and developed set associative memories, with LRU memory replacement for virtual addressing pointer storage and 8k, 4 level cache memories.  

Patents and Awards

Received U.S.  and International patents for Cache Memory, Serial EEPROM designs and RF packaging ( 8).

Received Outstanding Memory Applications Engineer Award for Fairchild Semiconductor

Received Field Applications Engineer of the year Award for National Semiconductor

Received Factory Applications Engineer of the year Award for Microchip Technology Inc.

Received International Award for Professionalism in the European market for Microchip Technology Inc.


                               SPECIAL SKILLS/EXPERIENCE

Significant experience in corporate strategic planning, market analysis and trends.

More than 10 years experience in evaluating patentable ideas and assisting in managing Microchip’s patent portfolio.  Member of Microchip technology patent council.

Profound people skills with decades of experience in team environments and working in the marketing and sales channels.

Extensive Applications experience with interface, digital, ASIC, ProLog, micro and embedded controllers in the following markets: Automotive, Computers and peripherals, Consumer products, Appliances, Telecom and Military.

Extensive travel experience in all world major markets.  Business understanding of the art of doing business in the following world market regions: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Asia Pacific, United States and Canada


Professional involvement

Senior member of the IEEE society

Member of IEEE Remote Sensing Society

Participating member of the College of Engineering Industrial Counsel at Northern Arizona University

Team leader for Future City Competitions

Hold an Amateur Radio License, General class

Industry standards committees participation: Access.bus, USB, ZigBee


                              EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

BND Holding Corp.

            DBA Syntec Concrete Coatings



Microchip Technology Inc.                                                        

Director RF Products Group                                                      

Director of SMAD Applications                                                  

SMAD Applications Manager

Memory Applications Manager


Arrow Electronics Inc.                                                               

Regional Applications Engineer

Silicon and systems level applications engineering for Intel Corp.

Training, technical guidance and strategic supervision of outside sales staff.


National Semiconductor Corporation

Staff Applications Engineer

Senior Applications Engineer

Systems level engineering, product training and customer support of NSC products.


Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation  

Senior  Applications Engineer

Support sale staff and customers with technical/design issues for the states of Arizona, Nevada, northern Texas and New Mexico.

Top Applications engineer for Clipper processor design-in competition

Nation Award for Applications Engineer/Sales Engineer Team Award


Genrad SPD

Sr. Development Engineer

Design and development of digital measurement and data acquisition equipment.


A.B. Dick           

Principal Engineer

Design and Development of Super Mini computer


Honeywell LISD                                    

Senior Systems Specialist 

Logic Engineer Processor design.

Computer Technician

Units Test Technician




On‑the‑job trainer/supervisor, Luke AFB,  Glendale, Arizona

Airborne Radio Repairman, Sergeant, Secret clearance, Outstanding NCO awards, USAF Honorable Discharge




BS, Mathematics/ BS Environmental Science, Grand Canyon College

AS Science/Mathematics, graduated WITH DISTINCTION, Glendale Community College

USAF Airborne Radio Technician School

Numerous industrial and technology training seminars specifically with applications of silicon solutions.

Numerous management training seminars and (in-house classes)


                               OTHER INTERESTS


Contemporary Liturgical Musician, Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church (33 years), Personal Computing, Amateur Radio, Wild life, Paleontology, the Natural Sciences and Life

Professional Enhancement Classes

Arizona Polymer Flooring

Polymer overlay, Staining Class


Team Leadership Training                                              Performance Appraisals

Worthwhile meetings                                                      Peter Lowe Leadership seminars

Lessons in Leadership, Dr. Peter Covey                          Management Overview

ISO9000 Awareness                                                      Managing and Sponsoring in a team environment

Quality Improvement Process                                         Handling Performance Problems

Listening                                                                       Visioning and Goal setting

Project Management                                                      Interviewing Skills

Conflict Resolution                                                         QS9000                       


Arrow Electronics


Strategic Selling                                                                       


National Semiconductor Corp.


One Minute Manager                                                      Time Power Seminar

DATAC (ARINC 629, Boeing)                                        Classic Design  (Linear ASIC)

Unix Training (Solbourne)                                  


Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.


Impact III Presentation skills                                           CMOS Gate Array Design Class            

ECL ASIC Design Class


Genrad Corp.


2620 Programming


Honeywell Information Systems


Interactive Multics                                                          Multics Hardware Specialist       

Analytic Troubleshooting (KT)                                         Introduction to PL/1                  


U.S. Air Force


Aircraft Radio Technician                                               OJT Trainer Supervisor Course             

Communication-Electronics Repairman                           Aircraft Radio Repairman                      

Aircraft Radio Repairman Course                      


Published Papers/Articles/Application Notes


Portable by Design Conference 2/1994

Serial EEPROMS Supplement Microcontrollers To Enable Flexible Portable Systems


Embedded Systems Conference  9/1994

The Digital Power Factor Correction in a Pure Inductive Load ACCESS.bus as an Embedded Control Pathway


PCI Conference 3/1995

ACCESS.bus: The Missing Communications Link For Easy, Inexpensive Connectivity Between The Host System and Computer Peripheral Devices.


June 1999 issue of  Appliance magazine,  International Technical Appliance Conference May 8-10, 2000 in Lexington KY.  “The Connectivity Revolution: Designing Appliances for Home Networked Systems”


Wescon 1997

“The Mechatronics Revolution: Enhancing Your Electromechanical Design with Microcontrollers”


PICmicro Primer in Mechatronics.


AN558 Using the 24xx65 and the 24xx32 with Stand-alone PIC16C54 Code, Dick Fisher

and Bruce Negley


AN535 Logic Powered Serial EEPROMS

Domotechnica, Implementation of a distributed processing system in Appliances: Central vs. Decentralized Processing?



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